Are You Addicted to Activity?

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slow downThere is so much busyness in business and in life. With all our electronic gadgets we are accessible 24/7 and if we aren’t, the people trying to reach us often become frustrated. The constant activity scatters our energy and makes us less effective at everything we do. In our performance-driven world our typical response is to always push the GO button.

For once, try pushing the STOP button. Can you just sit and be still? If you did, what would happen? What thoughts would arise (after the multitude of thoughts like: this is stupid, I should be doing something, I have so much to do that I don’t have time for this, etc.)? How would you feel? What would you learn? You’ll never know until you try it.

It takes practice to perfect stillness because it seems so foreign to us in our culture. Find a quiet, comfortable spot with no distractions; turn off your phone and shut your door. Closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing will help start the process. Just be for a few minutes without an agenda or a plan.

You will be amazed at the calm, clarity, and insights you experience. It’s like hitting the REFRESH button on your computer. You’ll be centered and energized to return to the demands of your life.

If you can’t sit in stillness for ten minutes, you are addicted to activity. You probably also have too much on your plate and need to carve out some time to empty your mind. Consider this an intervention.

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