The personal income tax return filing deadline for 2010 returns is April 18, 2011. Evidently April 15th is some kind of holiday that isn’t on my calendar. To be safe, I’m filing by April 15th as usual. In fact, my return is already on its way.

If you aren’t ready to send in your tax return yet, you should file an extension. The extension will give you until October 15th to get your tax return filed or mailed. There is one big catch: any taxes that you may owe are still due by April 18th. If you think you might owe additional taxes and want to avoid the penalty and interest, you can make an estimated tax payment.

Your CPA or tax professional will be able to help you determine the amount of estimated tax payment to make and will file an extension on your behalf. Give them a call. Your best advice always comes from a pro!

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