Are You Prepared?

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We all know the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared. It’s good advice for everyone.  What’s the #1 thing anyone in business needs to be prepared to have? A business card! In this connected world, it contains all the key information someone needs to connect with you. But how often do we forget to have one with us. The problem is that you never know when you’re going to meet someone you want to connect with.

This afternoon I stopped at a Starbucks and ran into Trish Stark of First Western Trust Bank. We were a long way away from her north business cardScottsdale stomping grounds, so it was a surprise to see her in Chandler. It was especially nice to meet her husband, Greg, who is a CFP. She was introducing me to him and singing my praises (thanks, Trish!), when he asked for a business card. All I had in my pocket was the bare minimum that I shop with: cell phone, driver’s license, Visa, Starbucks card and car key. Fortunately when I left home, I put my purse in the trunk so the business card was reasonably handy.

So I really wasn’t prepared, but now I am. I slipped a business card in my cell phone case. My car and purse might not always be so close!

How about you? Are you prepared? What would it take to be prepared? What could the result of being prepared be? Who knows? The possibilities are endless!

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  1. A business card pocket has been an essential item in my pants pocket for 24 years now. It is the only form of contact info I’ll ever carry as I don’t and won’t have a cell phone, a tablet, an Ipad, or any other techno stuff. My clients respect me for not going that route and many of them express envy that I can run a successful business without the techno stuff.

  2. There are days I wish I weren’t so connected!


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