Are You Sailing Into the Wind?

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A post on Facebook from C. Leslie Charles read, “You can’t shift the wind or turn the tide, but if you reset your sails you control the
ride.” This is so true! Sailing into the wind is an exercise in futility. It’s like trying to buck the system. It’s a choppy ride with no chance of building momentum. The key is to know how to work within the situation you find yourself.

Sailing, like building a business, usually isn’t about going straight from Point A to Point B. You set your course (goals) and then use the wind (available resources) to get you as close to your target as possible. Usually there will be lots of tacking (readjusting your course) before you reach your goal.

Wise sailors know that a smooth downwind sail is the fastest point of sail. When you run with the wind and let it fill both your sails you’ll effortlessly speed along. Where is the wind blowing your business?

Wishing you fair winds and following seas! This photo is Paradise, the 43’ sailboat I lived aboard for 5 years, in San Diego. My first virtual accounting office was in the port stateroom. My “office chair” was a 5 gallon bucket turned upside down with a throwable life preserver on top! Every time we went sailing, we had to lash the computer and printer securely in place with bungee cords. We didn’t want anything to go flying when we tacked! Fond memories of fun times!!

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