reading Sometimes you’re UP. Sometimes you’re DOWN. Sometimes you’re UPSIDE DOWN! Try to be the first two and not the last!

When you’re UP, you’re on your game. You’re full of energy and working effectively. For most of us, much of the time we’re UP.

When you’re DOWN, you’re in resting mode. For some of us, this is a place we don’t go very often and many times not often enough. We all need DOWN time. It’s what refreshes us for UP time.

UPSIDE DOWN is a bad place. That’s where we end up when we try to stay UP all the time without scheduling in some DOWN time.

What’s your favorite thing to do during DOWN time? Are you here or somewhere else?  Are you active then like scuba diving or are you reading a novel? Just because you’re DOWN doesn’t mean you’re immobile. It means you’re doing whatever it is that rejuvenates you.

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