Are Your Colors Showing?

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Ever wonder which colors catch the eye the most? Dr. Tony Muscia did a seminar on “The Psychology of Color” for NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) several years ago when I was President. According to him, the answer to this question is red and yellow. Those two colors catch the eye more than any others.

I’m not suggesting that you change your company colors and logo to red and yellow. However you might want to incorporate those colors into your marketing materials in other ways. Red has often been considered a “call to action” color. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION is on the back of many brochures, including the one for our virtual accounting service. If you’re putting out a sign to attract attention, make it yellow and float red balloons above it.

Many women think that their “power suit” is a black suit. Actually, it is a red suit. Be seen! Be eye-catching!

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