Are Your Ducks in a Row?

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I’m not talking about the cute but pesky ducklings that have been getting in my pool lately. When I’m talking about getting “your ducks in a row” I mean when you have an important meeting or telephone call scheduled, how do you prepare for it? Do you just “wing it”? Or do you have a plan?

Try this:

  • Outline the key points you want to make sure to tell them and have supporting information or an example for each.
  • Anticipate questions, comments, or objections and have an effective response planned.
  • Know in advance what you’re flexible on, where you can negotiate, and what is a deal breaker.

Are you like me? Half of the time I forget what I intended to say if I don’t have notes or at least key words in front of me.

Professionals practice the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared!

Let us know how you prepare.

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