Entrepreneurs are a special breed! I know. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur and I celebrated a milestone anniversary recently in my virtual accounting business. Whether you thought about it or not, when you picked up the mantle of business owner, you took on a lot of responsibility, not the least of which is the leadership of a company.

While there are many items on a business owners’ daily to do list, one of those has to be being a leader that stands for something. What does that mean? What you stand for could be housed in your mission and vision statement – it is the ethical guiding principle behind Values B&Wyour every decision.

As a business owner you and your actions impact everyone with whom you come into contact. What can you do to let your staff and clients know what you stand for?

Here are a few ideas to consider when deciding what you stand for:

  • Follow your mission and vision statement as the way you run your business and make your decisions.
  • Have a values statement and don’t keep it secret.
  • Build trust with your clients and employees by being true to your word.
  • Make decisions based on fact not emotion.
  • Your personality and vision attracts like-minded people and your clients will appreciate your ethics.

True leaders have a code of conduct by which they run their businesses and that code is a way to let clients know who you truly are, what you truly care for and what you will take a stand for. Do your clients and staff know what you stand for?

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