Every four months we have a staff meeting or a meeting of the TAO Team, as we call ourselves. Being a virtual accounting business, it’s a real treat for us to get together three times a year. We work with our coach, bond as a team and strategize about how to better serve our clients. Constant improvement is one of the things we are always working on.

As the firm’s owner, it was gratifying for me when Coach George Hase first helped us articulate our core values. Having him ask our team what the firm’s values are and hearing them answer with the things that are important to me let me know that I really do have the right team. Everything we do centers around how we live out our core values every day in working together and in serving our clients or as we call them, our “client family.” It was great to have Harley Bonham, one of our professional photographer clients, there to take photos at our event. Thanks, Harley!

Here are TAO’s Core Values:

1)     Always act with integrity; it’s the foundation of everything
2)     Communicate openly and clearly; seek to build relationships
3)     Start with trust (credits to the BBB whose motto this is)
4)     Be the caring and concerned person that you are; be real
5)     Our firm is a family that is blessed to serve our client family

Have you and your team discussed your core values lately? Doing so is a great way to orient new members on your team. Sometimes exploring the deeper issues of our businesses loses out in our fast-paced world. We tend to deal much more with the immediate tasks at hand. If you haven’t talked about your firm’s core values recently maybe now is a good time.

Authentic people know what they stand for and they live out their values. They are the “real deal.” They are people you can count on — people you can trust.

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