B Stands for Better!

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Most of us have a plan for our life. It’s our hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations. This is our Plan A.

plan b Have you noticed that Plan A doesn’t always work? Maybe you started medical school and decided you didn’t like to see blood. Maybe
your artistic side liked architecture, but math came so easy to you that you decided on accounting instead. Maybe an injury kept you from pursuing an occupation or sport that you were passionate about.

So what happens when, for whatever reason, Plan A doesn’t go as we had hoped? Plan B to the rescue! And if you’re open to Plan B, you might find that B stands for Better. Learning, growing, and adapting are skills that will serve you well.

Life happens! Very often our happiness, success, and satisfaction come not from what happens, but from how we react to what happens. If you look for good, you will find it. Even in the worst of situations, there is some good. An added bonus:  if you look for the good instead of dwelling on what didn’t work out, you’ll be happier. It’s your choice!

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  1. Plan B is the next step to the realization of your personal success. That said there should never be an intentional Plan C or beyond but a new and improved Plan B. Edison found 2,000 + ways to not invent the light bulb until he found the true way. So were those 2,000 refined Plan B? I think so. In my life so far I’ve had 4 distinct careers. Obviously the last one is the best so far since I’ve been at it for 23 years after finally getting a College Degree late in life. Is there another career in my life – probably. Once I finish the current career I’ll convert a hobby into a career. I may not even be doing that hobby today, time and changing interests will tell. So may anyone reading this fine tune their Plan B over and over again until they can no longer do so and enjoy themselves in the process.

  2. Bob, what a great outlook! Thanks for sharing.


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