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It’s been a rare occasion recently that I have attended events for the purpose of networking. Why? Our virtual accounting business has been booming from word of mouth including SEO. We’ve been busy in growth mode with the hiring of new accounting associates and the training that comes with that. Thankfully the time I have put in, in the past is paying dividends now with bringing in new clients.

If you are still seeking growth and need to network and bring in new clients you will likely need to attend networking events. They can be a networking daunting prospect, especially if you’re new to the networking game, but here are some tips I’ve gleaned:

  1. Know in advance how many people you want to meet when you attend an event. It’s not all about quantity, though. You want to meet individuals with whom you can make a connection which may lead to a business partnership or strategic alliance.
  2. Ask the event organizer if they have a list of attendees so you can research who will be attending. If the event is posted on Facebook, check out who “joined”. This will make your time at the event more productive and when you’re out of the office you need to make every moment count.
  3. Don’t use the time at the event to try and make a sale. You are at the event to make connections … which may eventually lead to a sale or referral source. Use networking time to say hello, exchange business cards and maybe even set up a time to grab a coffee with someone with whom you’ve connected.
  4. Follow up after the meeting and find a way to keep in touch. This is what separates successful networkers from those who say “Networking just doesn’t work!”

If you see someone standing alone at an event, walk over, extend your hand and say hello. Chances are they are as intimidated to be there as you are!


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