Be Brief!

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Communications is a tricky area for most of us. One of the biggest challenges is rambling on and on and on! Unless you’re doing a printed item, more words don’t cost more. But does using more words make communication more effective? Probably not!Picture1

These are some keys to good communication:

  • Clear – understandable
  • Concise – brief
  • Complete – cover everything

Cavett Robert, founder of National Speakers Association, was an attorney before he became a professional speaker. He often said “An attorney will never say in 100 words what he can say in 1,000 words!” (Apologies to my attorney friends and clients!) This post? 100 words!

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3 Responses to Be Brief!
  1. Carolyn
    Nice post. Would modify slightly: 50 words are better.

  2. It is tricky and I am working on that too. 🙂

  3. It definitely takes practice!


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