Beat the Winter Doldrums

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Picture2Now that the rush of the holidays is over and we are close to being two weeks into 2014, do you feel a bit of the doldrums setting in? I admit that in Arizona where the sun shines virtually year-round it is much easier to avoid them than it is for those who live in the colder, snowy climates.

As a virtual business owner, though I understand that it’s easy for your employees to be plagued with the post-holiday blues so I wanted to pass along these tips to a happier, healthier 2014:

  • Set realistic expectations for the new year. Yes, we all make resolutions or set intentions, but it’s likely we all break them – sometimes before the second week of the new year! If you’re realistic and detailed with your goal setting, you will have a better chance of attaining them.
  • Being physically active and healthy overall will help you power through the winter doldrums. If you can’t get outside to take a walk then do short bursts of exercise right inside your office. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go to lunch at a mall and walk around it first. Eat more fruits for snacks to keep your energy up; an apple is much better for you than a donut, leftover Christmas cookies or candy. As business owners we need to be healthy both mentally and physically.
  • Take a breath. I am a big advocate of self-care. There are several times throughout the workday when I will simply walk away from my desk and find a quiet spot to simply breathe and focus my energies. This helps me when I go back to my desk and my clients because I am energized and reinvigorated.

What can you do for yourself and your employees to power through January?

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