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Emails! Are they a blessing or a curse? They make communication faster, but people say things in emails they would never say in person. Beyond that, what they do say is often misunderstood. Without the vocal tone and inflection of a live conversation whether on the phone, in person or on Skype, it’s easy to misinterpret meaning and take offense.

Tips to help resolve this:

  • Think it through first – Start an outline of what to cover and the order it should go in; then fill in the details.
  • Read the message – If you can read it out loud, it’s all the better. Try to envision how the recipient will receive
  • Run it through spell check – Many times I’ve used a totally unrelated or misspelled word that even when I read it through I didn’t see as incorrect.

These are the steps I do when I’m writing a Biz-Tip. One additional step is a word count because my goal is 200 words or fewer. Then it goes to my assistant to edit and back to me for one final review before it’s scheduled. Even after all that occasional mistakes make it through to the final piece. Hopefully not today though!

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