Picture1As I sit in my paperless, virtual accounting office, I’m surrounded by books! I have 2 large bookcases filled to overflowing with books. Many of the books are written and signed by author friends of mine; 2 of the books are ones that I’ve written myself.

I just finished a small group study with 3 other ladies. At our first session I discovered that I was the only one who had purchased the book; everyone else had downloaded the e-book to their Kindle or tablet. I felt a little “behind the times!”

I’m really torn because the idea of having lots of books on one small device seems convenient, compact and organized. Still I like to make notes in margins, highlight phrases that impact me, turn down page corners, etc. I’m a tactile person and like the “feel” of a book in my hands.

My only electronic exception so far has been the Bible. I love having the Bible on my iPhone because I can look up verses with ease and switch between translations. I’d never take six different Bibles to a study group, but it’s easy to have that many translations (or more) on my iPhone.

Because I am planning a trip to Japan this summer, I am considering downloading some books to my tablet so I will have access to reading material without the additional weight or space required for physical books. I want to take a guide book and a novel (maybe 2!) And, of course, the Bible.

Which do you prefer and why? Are you like me and have a combination of the two?

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