What’s More Important: Having the Answers or Knowing the Questions to Ask?

On January 25th, 2011, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

Are you one of those people who ask a lot of questions? I am! You don’t know what you don’t know! So ASK!! Please don’t assume. In doing our year-end planning and evaluation, we asked some questions that we hadn’t asked before: How will the way business happens change in the next 3 years? How..

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Who’s on Our Team? George Hase

On January 13th, 2011, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

George Hase is CEO of The Growth Coach®, a national franchise serving thousands of business owners. He also has thirty plus years owning and building his own successful businesses. Coach George has been Carolyn’s business coach for almost year. As George says, “When we met, I was impressed with her business model. Carolyn had already..

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1099 Rules Change on January 1, 2011

On December 30th, 2010, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

In January 2011, the rules change significantly. In January 2012 you will need to send a Form 1099 to any vendor, regardless of their business entity, that you pay $600 or more to for services and goods in 2011. This is a major change in reporting that will require most small businesses to send out..

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Rethinking Your Numbers

On December 23rd, 2010, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

Part of rethinking is evaluating your numbers. Tracking and analyzing key indicators will help you to build a stronger and more profitable business. And isn’t that what we all want?! How many net new clients did you have this year? How did the new clients find you? What was the % change in your gross..

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Do You Rethink?

On December 21st, 2010, posted in: E-News, Uncategorized by 1 Comment

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is my annual “Rethinking Week.” This is an idea that I learned many, many years ago from my friend and adviser Jim Cathcart. I take all aspects of my business and ask some critical questions: What worked this year? What didn’t work? How can we improve? What..

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Virtual Office: Why Do It?

On December 16th, 2010, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

When we started our first accounting firm back in 1973, “virtual” and “office” were two words you would never combine. Back then we were timesharing! (Some of you may not even know what that means!) Being virtual wasn’t a possibility. Why? The technology wasn’t there to make it possible. Now it is not only possible,..

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Who’s On Our Team? Beth McRae

On December 9th, 2010, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

Beth McRae is a member with Carolyn in a mastermind group and her publicity coach. Beth has owned and operated The McRae Agency for 15 years and has over 20 years in the PR business, having worked with companies such as Google, KB Home, Tiffany & Company, CB Richard Ellis, Discount Tire, Sunny Delight, Red..

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How Do You Keep Score?

On December 2nd, 2010, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

Hopefully your financial statements are all up-to-date and you know exactly what your “score” is. Over the last several weeks I’ve enjoyed speaking to several business and mentoring groups on the topic of The Art of Keeping Score: Playing the Game of Business to Win. Most small business owners understand the importance of accurate financial..

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Count Your Blessings

On November 25th, 2010, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

Some are big and some are small, but every blessing counts! What’s a “big blessing?” This is the kind that we most often take are granted. Did the sun shine in your eyes as you drove to the office this morning? My friend Linda never has that problem — she is blind. So will you..

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An Attitude of Gratitude

On November 18th, 2010, posted in: E-News by 0 Comment

Attitude is everything! A person is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” I don’t know who said it, but I believe it! An attitude of gratitude is more than just counting your blessings at the start or end of each day, although that is a great practice. An attitude of..

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