If you’re like me, you’ve had several mentors in your life, some male and some female. As a widow, I really appreciate the wise men in my life who have shared the male perspective with me as well as my wonderful female mentors.  Having mentors broadens our view of life to include their life experiences in addition to our own. They often see our possibilities more clearly than we do! Their encouragement causes us to stretch ourselves.

The mentoring relationship is a very special one. It’s based on much more than friendship. It’s based on respect for the individual and genuine concern about what the mentee is in the process of becoming. It’s a rewarding relationship whichever role you play in it.

  • Having a mentor is a wise decision.
  • Being a mentor is a great way to give back
  • Thanking your mentors is something you can never do enough of.

So thanks, Larry, Bob, Jim, Donna, George, Patricia, Teri and Mom! On National Mentor Day, I salute you for mentoring me.

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