As a business owner it’s not always easy to look outside the box. Conversely, as a business owner you always need to be looking outside the box! You need to stay ahead of the competition, be at the forefront of your market, and be innovative.

What can you do to be or remain innovative? Here are some steps I take to keep myself, my virtual accounting business, and my ideas fresh:

  • Networking with others both inside and outside the accounting world. By associating with people who have connections outside your field of expertise, you open yourself to new ideas.
  • Always be learning. If you ask questions, chances are you will be exposed to new answers and new ways of looking at issues.
  • Observing what is going on in your industry. Observe what your competitors do and do it better. Look for opportunities to be of service. Observe what your clients are talking about and provide solutions to address their pain points.

What can you do to be an innovator?

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