Are there times you cringe when you go to the grocery store and the check-out person doesn’t even acknowledge you? Granted, I have been to the store and have seen customers at the check-out talking on the phone and ignoring the cashier, too. As a business owner, be aware of the level ofcustomer service customer service around you and strive to exceed it. You need to provide great customer service all of the time. This also means that your employees need to understand what you consider good customer service and they must be committed to your strategies as well.

Here are five customer service best practices:

  1. nswer your telephone. If you’re in business, answer the phone, don’t utilize an automated service. Your clients or potential clients are reaching out to talk to you, not navigate a phone menu.
  2. God gave us two ears and one mouth so we can listen more than we talk. Listen to your customers, be attentive, and address their concerns. This builds trust.
  3. Don’t make promises that you cannot keep. Under-promise over-deliver.
  4. Go the extra mile. If you customer asks for assistance in an area that you don’t have the expertise or bandwidth to address, make a few calls to someone who can help them. The colleague will appreciate the referral and your client will appreciate the value you added.
  5. Offer an add-on. Whether you’re in the service industry or produce a product, chances are there is something extra you can “throw in” as a thank you or an incentive to try more of your goods or services.

What steps can you take today to amp up your customer service game?


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