Cut Yourself Some Slack!

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Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done! That’s a tough lesson for most Type A, high D, driving entrepreneurs like me. In times like that, you just have to cut yourself some slack. I’ve always said if you don’t do it well, you aren’t the best person on your team to do it, and you don’t love to do it, delegate it. Now I’m rethinking even that.

This is the busiest season of the year at our virtual accounting office. Business is booming! With year-end for all our clients, several new clients, delegate and one of our clients is going through an audit, priorities are really being examined.

Even if I do it well, I’m the best person on our team to do, and I love to do it, I’m starting to test it with this vital question: Does this have to be done? If the answer to that is affirmative, then ask: It is urgent? If the answer is no, do you really have to do it?

I love writing Biz-Tips with the goal to help you be more effective in your business. I’m the only writer on our team of accountants, so I’m the best person here to do it. Your faithful reading of them tells me I might be good at it. However, during our busy season, they aren’t urgent and don’t have to be done. Please bear with me as I cut myself some slack and miss a week here and there. They aren’t going away; I’m just practicing what I preach.

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