Dealing with Deadlines

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Tell me how you deal with deadlines and that will tell me a lot about you. The deadline may be one you set yourself, one set by your clients or one set by a reporting agency.

Meeting deadlines tells others:

  • You’re organized and deal with priorities well
  • You plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute (Life happens!)
  • You can be trusted to do whatever it takes

As virtual accountants, we deal with lots of deadlines. The deadlines we meet are important to our clients and costly when not met. The IRS doesn’t care if my phone is ringing off the hook or if I have a raging headache, they only care if their deadlines are met.

Whether it is bills to pay, presentations to prepare or reports to file, deadlines are part of being in business. Every one of us has deadlines to meet.  Being able to meet them in an efficient and effective manner shows you are a professional.

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