Did You Ever Forget?

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I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten off an important call with a client or prospect and immediately thought, “Oh, my gosh, I forgot to tell them…” And whatever it was I forgot was important! So what are my options? I can call them back (which is really difficult if there were multiple people on the call) or send an email or just let it go until the next time we talk.business meeting

Here’s how to have a better outcome:

  • Review the situation in advance so you know what needs to be discussed
  • Make sure you fully understand the current issues involved
  • Prepare a detailed agenda for the call that leads to either a resolution or improvement of the issue to be discussed
  • Have the flow of the agenda designed to lead to the desired outcome
  • Have responses prepared for anticipated questions or objections
  • Check off the agenda as discussed as the conversation may not exactly follow the plan
  • Take notes and/or record the conversation

The Scouts motto of “Be Prepared” is one that will serve us well all our lives. This tip takes that philosophy into your workplace.

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4 Responses to Did You Ever Forget?
  1. Great advice, Carolyn! I tend to use my “mental pause” as my excuse! Love reading your tips… thanks for keeping me on your list!

  2. Sue, thanks for your comment. I love the “mental pause”! Carolyn

  3. Hi Carolyn, what great advice! The other thing I do — a holdover from supervising lots of employees – is that I keep a list in the front of my client files to note things I need to discuss in my next meeting or call with them. In a pinch, I may just file a note to the front of the file and consolidate at call time.

    Thanks again for your weekly notes!

    Ginny McMinn
    Resilient Entrepreneur


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