It seems as though every day there is a new piece of technology or a new gadget or some productivity tool that is touted as being able Picture2to “change your life!” If you give in to all of those claims and your company embraces the bells and whistles you have to ask yourself if you’re spending too much time learning the new tech and too little time learning what your clients truly want from you.

What are some of the items that may draw you away from providing excellent customer service? Here are a few:

  • You can spend your time on every social media platform there is and spread yourself too thin. Where are your clients truly gathering and where are they looking to have a conversation with you? If they aren’t on Pinterest or Instagram, but are on LinkedIn and Facebook you should concentrate your efforts where your ideal customers gather.
  • If you purchase the latest tech gadget or the newest productivity tool and spend countless hours learning it, are you any further ahead than you were when you were using a piece of technology that you’re comfortable with or a productivity tool that has actually helped you to be productive? Stick with your strengths.
  • If you’re a startup and are operating on a shoe string, learn to make that shoe string stretch until you have the budget to outsource some of the tasks that pull you away from your core competencies. If you are great at making widgets but not well-versed in social media or bookkeeping tasks, set aside money in your budget when you’ve reached that point of growth and look for business partners that can take on some of those tasks.

Do you operate with the tried and true or do you try to implement new gadgets and productivity tools? I believe in systems and we have many in our virtual accounting business. They help both me and my virtual staff meet our client’s needs and that’s what it’s all about, right?

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