Do You Ask For Testimonials?

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Picture2When you’re talking with your clients do you ever ask them for a testimonial? Something you can put on your website or send to a prospective client? Seeing how satisfied your current clients are is something of interest to prospective clients and website visitors. If you don’t have testimonials now, it’s a good time to ask and add them to your site!

A testimonial from a client is more powerful than your simply talking about yourself or your services. A good word of mouth reference is better than paid advertising!

Here are my tips for asking for a testimonial:

  • While you’re talking with a client, after you’ve conducted your business, simply say, “Mary, thank you so much for having been a client of our virtual accounting firm for the past 10 years. My team and I have always enjoyed working with you. I wonder if you’d be willing to write a testimonial that I could put on my website.” Chances are, Mary will be flattered to be featured on your site and, if she’s happy with the work you’ve performed, chances are she will say yes.
  • If your client balks you can simply say, “I didn’t want to pressure I just thought I’d ask since we’ve done business together for so long.” You may find that your client just doesn’t know what to say or even how to write it up. You could tell them, I’d be happy to help you formulate the testimonial if you’d like. This is done every day on sites like LinkedIn when your connections ask you for a referral; they will typically say, “I’d love it if you’d mention in the referral the project we just completed.”
  • Offer to return the favor. If your client is also a business owner with whom you’ve worked, tell them you’d be happy to provide them a testimonial.

If you don’t ask your clients for a testimonial you could be leaving valuable word of mouth “advertising” on the table. Consider too that if you never ask your client may never have thought about your needing or wanting a testimonial. When will you ask?

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