Do You Gather Together?

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Picture1Sometimes the word ‘meeting” can make people groan. It’s not just carving out time for the event, but the preparation and following up as well. That’s why we’re not a firm that has lots of meetings. When we do, our associates eagerly look forward to the opportunity to gather together. It’s a time for sharing, learning, improving, and connecting.

We had our fall meeting yesterday and it was inspiring to watch how everyone related. Our meetings are opportunities for me to share our vision, provide updates, and inspire excellence. It’s a forum for training and brainstorming between the associates who only see each other three times a year. Skype works great for meetings between two people and we do use it regularly, but nothing beats face-to-face events for building relationships.

Hopefully you’ll be gathering with your family this week to celebrate the abundant blessings we have all received. May your gathering be filled with love!

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