Do You Have a Right Hand?

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One of the smartest business decisions I made early in my business was to hire an administrative assistant. At the time I didn’t think I could afford it financially.  I quickly found that my increased productivity meant more clients which meant more revenue. I was doing admin assistantthe things that only I could do, enjoying what I was doing more, and making more money. How great is that?!

Some things to consider:

  • Since your assistant is someone you’ll be working with directly and closely, make sure your personalities and values are compatible.
  • Have a job description that clearly outlines your expectations and any deadlines so there aren’t any surprises.
  • Seek and ask for flexibility. Life and business are fluid. We don’t always know today what our needs will be tomorrow.

Now I have two assistants with different areas of responsibility. One thing on each job description is to figure out what I’m doing that she can take away from me. When she does that, she increases her value to me. I love to get things off my to-do list!

If bookkeeping and bill paying are still on your to-do list consider requesting a complimentary 30 minute “Get this off my to-do list!” strategy session by contacting today.

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