Do You Have Endurance?

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Tax season is over! Yea!! For CPAs, tax season is an endurance race. You know when you start it that it’s going to take months to complete. CPAs aren’t the only businesses with a busy season. Your business probably has one, too. How you deal with your busy season could be a key element in your business success. The strength and focus that’s needed to endure can propel your business forward in your non-peak times.

What does it take to endure?

Planning: If you haven’t planned ahead, a season of plenty of work can overwhelm you. For many companies this means staffing more people and/or training the people they do have.

Continuous improvement: After the rush is over, brainstorm how to operate even better next time. Look for efficiencies that will create the same results with less effort.

Teamwork:  When everyone knows the part that they play and how it interacts with the entire project, everything goes more smoothly. Being part of a team means that you have someone you can ask for help when you need it.

Commitment: Having everyone committed to excellence in the busy times is critical to maintaining high standards.

Long term vision: “This too shall pass” can get you through the 60 hour weeks in a temporary busy season. If your busy season isn’t temporary, then you need to be looking for other solutions.

Build endurance! It will serve you and your business well.

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