Do You Need a Nudge?

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If you’re an entrepreneur or business professional, your life is busy. Sometimes it may be crazy busy! At times like that your best laid plans for the day can get juggled around by surprise opportunities or things that don’t go as planned or any one of a dozen other reasons. The result is that a planned activity doesn’t get done.

That’s when it’s important to have key people on your team who understand your workload and priorities and who you’ve given permission to nudge you. That means they can gently prod you. Since my accounting firm is totally virtual, for me that nudge is usually a text message, voice mail or an email. Sometimes one nudge isn’t enough and they are needed repeatedly at intervals until the task is either done, delegated, or scrapped

Most often a task doesn’t get done because it was overlooked. That’s when a nudge is most important. Use this at the office only: If you try nudging at home, please understand that your spouse and children will consider it to be nagging!

If your accounting is something that just isn’t getting done, give us a call to schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session to discuss how our virtual accounting and bill paying service can meet your business or personal needs. Call 480-219-4285 or email today to schedule a time. My team and I look forward to the opportunity to be of service!

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