Is your company meeting the goals you’d set for it? If not, why not? If so, what do you think you are doing that is making it a success? In many organizations, meeting goals and achieving success are because the management has set levels of accountability that the employees are expected to aspire to.

Here are three items you should be looking at and listening into as a way to see if you are embracing productivity and helping your Picture1staff reach its goals:

  • Listen to your employees conversations when a new project is assigned. Do they receive them with enthusiasm or mutter about how every project is “Priority 1”? Be open to discussing concerns and working on timelines that are feasible and attainable.
  • Do you have a human resources department that sends down mandates in either electronic or paper form, but who never interact with the staff that will be impacted? An HR department is a nameless, faceless entity can lead to frustration. Talk to your employees and the HR department and plan for face-to-face meetings both when changes are going to occur, and to simply discuss concerns.
  • Do you foster an atmosphere of cross-departmental collaboration? If the departments in your organization operate in a vacuum, it makes it difficult to cross those lines and in many cases you will have projects that impact more than one department. Open the lines of communication between departments and foster cooperation.

What can you do to help your company and your staff embrace and thereby enhance productivity?

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