What does that headline mean? Have you ever “friended” or “followed” someone on a social media platform only to find out all they talk about is social media follower their business and how you can make a purchase from or work with them? That is a type of social media leech.

Many business owners forget that social media is just that – “social.” Be willing to share information you’ve found that your followers will find valuable. When you share information from others that comes across your social media stream, always give them credit.

How can you be a social media giver instead of a leech? Here are some tips:

  • Share or retweet someone else’s status. Comment on it and make sure your network knows you’re sharing the wealth!
  • Make a comment on a social media status. It’s easy to simply click a thumbs-up or Like, but it provides more value to comment on the status. Hint: it also gets your name and comment in front of the other person’s network, so it’s a win-win.
  • Don’t be constantly selling. As a business owner myself I know that I need to tell connections about my virtual accounting firm, but if they come across my social media updates they can click through to my profile and then to my website where they will see what I do without me having to say “buy me” all of the time.

What can you do to grow your social media connections and network and be a social media giver?


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