Are you a chronic procrastinator? If you’re not chronic, but find yourself procrastinating, do you know why? For some it’s because a task on the to-do list seems either too daunting or too boring. Did you know, though, that procrastinating on a task only makes it loom larger and sap your productivity energy? It’s true!

If you’re not sure whether you’re a procrastinator or if you simply have too much on your plate, here are some traits to watch out for:

  • Have you seen projects delayed because you missed a deadline?
  • Do you get exhausted at the thought of completing your to-do’s?
  • Are you late to family or work events?

All hope is not lost. Here are some ways to combat chronic or occasional procrastination:

  • Limit your daily to-do list to the top five or six items. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a list you can’t possibly complete.
  • Reward yourself for a job well done even if it’s just a frappuccino.
  • On those days when you don’t complete your tasks, rather than berating yourself try to determine why you didn’t complete them. Regroup and make adjustments.

Making small changes in your behavior and thinking could just amp up your productivity and that could lead to even more productive days.

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