Embrace “The One”

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As an entrepreneur, there are a myriad of tasks you’re faced with on a daily basis. So much so that you can get overwhelmed and suffer “analysis paralysis.” How do you overcome that? Embrace “The One.” What is “the one”? It is a mindset that may increase your revenues and take away the fear of scaling an entire mountain all in one day.

Here are some tips:

  • Suggest one more service or product to every client that you speak with. Just as McDonald’s asks, “Do you want fries with that?” so too Picture6should you be asking your clients if they’d like to commit to another of your services.
  • Make one more phone call every day. If you do that, you have the potential to reach up to 250 more individuals who may want your services annually. To see if this method might grow your business, consider your current conversion rate and multiply that by the power of one more call a day.
  • Spend one day a month developing your skills. Whether you attend a networking event that offers training or take a class at a local high school or college or sign up for an online seminar, staying connected and educated keeps you relevant.
  • Read one book a month. Even if you’re learning in a classroom setting, reading a book will help you expand your knowledge base. If you already read a business book and have month left, pick up a biography of a successful person.
  • Ask for one referral or testimonial. Chances are, your clients will be willing and happy to give you a referral or a testimonial but you simply have to ask. What’s stopping you?

What “one” can you do today to help advance your business?

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