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My virtual accounting business has been in a “feast” mode since the first of the year. CPAs are recommending us to their clients and those are easy inquiries to convert to clients. This has led to a growth spurt in both clients and virtual accounting staff.

Prior to this, though, especially when I was in the start-up phase I networked and shook a lot of hands on my way toward building up my business. I made phone calls, left voice mailcustomer service messages and also fielded messages left for me.

Here are some things I discovered on how to encourage potential clients to call me back:

  1. When leaving a message with a prospect, make sure you clearly enunciate your name, business name, your phone number and who referred you to them. Repeat your phone number at the end of the message to make it easier for them in case they didn’t catch it all the first time. I sometimes leave my email address on a voice mail because that offers the prospect another way to get in touch with me.
  2. Think about what you’re going to say in case you have to leave a message before you pick up the phone. Don’t leave a long, rambling message. Make it clear, concise and complete. Being succinct will show that you are considerate of your prospect’s time.
  3. Even if you are calling a prospect because of a referral, don’t spend the entire message name dropping. Simply say, “Sue Smith, of XYZ Business, recommended I give you a call because she felt our business expertise might meet your needs. Please call me back at …..” That one name should be enough. If more than one person recommended you call, save that for the actual conversation with the prospect.

In today’s oft-used social media world, reaching out via telephone just might give you an advantage over your competitor because you picked up the telephone and made a call!

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