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Even though I run my virtual accounting business from the comfort of my home and in the wonderful weather Arizona has, I know many of my clients don’t have the luxury of almost year round sunshine. That means in some parts of the country, they deal with the winter doldrums.

As entrepreneurs, we can’t let the cold and cloudy winter weather get to us any more than we can let the triple digit temperatures in Arizona get to us. Here are some of my tips for energizing yourself and your business – no matter the season:business growth

  1. Get up and move around. If it’s too hot or too cold to get out for a walk, get a treadmill or join a gym. Making time in your daily to-do’s to exercise is one of the best things an entrepreneur can do. You need to stay at the top of your game physically to be at the top of your game mentally.
  2. Step away from the computer and the office and take a nap or meditate. Sometimes it helps to clear your mind of work. If you’re a napper, then take a quick 20-minute rest. You will go back to your business tasks refreshed and renewed. Stress is a killer – literally and of your creativity. A recent Forbes article noted that “workplace stress contributes close to $190 billion in health care expenses and more than 100,000 deaths a year.” That’s a wake-up call.
  3. Eat well-balanced meals. Don’t eat processed foods and don’t eat in front of your computer. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by working through your lunch hour. Eat a healthy breakfast before you go to work – even if you work virtually like I do. Plan healthy vegetable and fruit filled snacks and lunch with protein in it. Stay away from alcohol and too much caffeine and any kind of carbonated drinks.
  4. Turn the light up! Especially when it’s cloudy outside, have plenty of light inside. Your attitude will be brighter when the room you are working is in brighter.

As an entrepreneur, it behooves you to take care of yourself because your clients and your employees are counting on you. Only you can take care of you!

What can you do today to energize for business growth?

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