Successful business owners do what it takes to be successful. In my virtual accounting business these are the three things I’ve found to do the most to enhance our firm’s success:

  1. Treat your employees well. Whether you have virtual employees, as I do, or if they work in your office, they are the backbone of the service business successyou provide. In some cases they may be the first face seen or voice heard when a potential customer calls. If your employees are happy and treated well, it will be reflected in their attitude towards customers.
  2. Great customer service often seems like a thing of the past. Think about the service you’ve received recently. When you receive great service, how does that make you feel? How do you want your clients to feel? Set yourself apart from the competition by offering stellar customer service, every day, every time you have an interaction.
  3. Exceed your clients’ expectations. This can be done in big ways and small. Clients love it when projects are finished ahead of schedule. Remembering what’s going on in their lives outside of the scope of what you do for them and inquiring or supporting is a small way clients can know that to you they are more than an account or a number. Exceeding expectations creates raving fans and great referrals.

What steps can you take to enhance your business success? Do you have systems in place to address these above three areas? If not, you should!


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