Finding Your Ideal Client

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Our virtual accounting business has been growing consistently and continually over the past several months – something we are very grateful for! But if you’re in a standstill and are looking for ways to grow your business it will help if you have a checklist to let you know who your ideal client is.

Take some time to develop a “personality or persona” for your ideal client and what he or she looks like and then you will be better able to target ideal client them. Here are some of the steps that go into developing a client persona:

  • Consider who your goods or services would be best suited to and target that person or business entity.
  • Pay a visit to the business clients you think would benefit from your service. Getting out of the office is a better way to network than to continually network through social media. Seeing your goods or services in actual use may help you hone in on your ideal client.
  • Make a checklist of the characteristics of your current clients and how they use your goods or services. If you already have an active client base, they are your best first source for building a client persona.

Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone, nor should you try to be. Having a specific target client profile makes it easier to market yourself and your business and you just may see your business explode the way ours has! Here’s the hardest part:  when a prospective client comes to you that is not your target client profile, say “No!” This is really hard when you’re young in business and hungry for clients. But, trust me, years of experience have taught me to pass when appropriate. It will keep you available for your perfect client when they come along and you’ll all be happier.

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