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Now that April 15 has come and gone, we in the virtual accounting world, can take a breath and relax for a day or two! Tax time is crunch time for us and in that time, some of our “regular” tasks may get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.productivity

Now that we can breathe, here are my tips for getting more done in the office:

  • Plan your next work day before you leave the office. If you walk into your office knowing what you have to complete, you will be in a mindset to jump in and make it happen! Keep track of how much you complete when you work of a to-do list – you may be pleasantly surprised at your productivity.
  • Tackle the elephant first! Make at least 15 minutes of progress on the most important thing you need to accomplish today before you do anything else – even before you check email!
  • When your brain needs a break, I’ll bet there are a couple of “no-brainer” tasks on your list that you can do while letting your brain rest.
  • Take a break. It’s amazing how tiring just sitting at a desk or computer all day can be! Sometimes walking around the block or climbing a few flights of stairs is just what you need to revitalize both your mind and your body. Schedule breaks throughout the course of your day. Simply stepping away will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

What do you do to make your days the most productive they can be?


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  1. Having a plan, and limiting it to a few things, really help me get a lot done.

    Good advice, Carolyn!


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