Get on the Ball!

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Sitting at a desk all day or even for several hours at a time can be a pain – literally! It’s often not just your behind that gets sore, but your neck and shoulders, too. There’s an easy fix for this dilemma: sit on a fit ball.

Normally used for exercise, fit balls make great desk chairs. You can even get a rack to hold them stationary. I let mine roll loose, but then again I’ve never tried the rack.

How to use your ball to benefit most:

  • Wiggle – left and right or back and forward, it doesn’t matter
  • Bounce – this is really good for stiff shoulders
  • Sit up straight – you will engage your core muscles

The primary benefit of sitting on a ball is increased productivity which saves money. As a virtual accountant and business owner, I’m always interested in that. I should also mention that sitting on a ball is just plain fun!

Are you on the ball? Share your experience tips with us; we all want to learn.

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  1. I tried this before but found the ball was not high enough to use it at a desk. Any suggestions?

  2. Katherine, good question! Fit balls come in several sizes.I got a larger one (65 cm, I think) to use as a chair. I also put more air in it than I do the 55 cm ball I work out with. Try that and let me know how it works for you. Good luck! Carolyn


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