As a virtual accountant our office is virtually paper-free. We help our clients to be the same by sending their reports and other documents to them through our encrypted portal.

What can you do to clean your financial clutter? Here are a few items to consider:

  1. Invest in a shredder. This is not only a good investment from a security standpoint, but it is a great way to reduce clutter in yourfinances office. Ask your accountant how long you need to hang on to utility bills, credit card and bank statements and shred those that you no longer need. Even better, scan them, store them on your computer and you don’t have to keep paper copies at all. Shredding is an ideal way to make certain your personal, financial information doesn’t make it into the wrong hands.
  2. When bills come in, have a place to put them, whether that’s scanning to a computer file or putting in a paper file. Have two days a month, like the 15th and the 31st, that are designated as bill-paying days.
  3. Sign up for electronic billing and then register for automatic bill pay. You won’t have to have bills cluttering your desk or your mailbox and automatic bill pay makes it easy to take care of monthly obligations.
  4. Get rid of paper receipts. Use Evernote or something similar to snap a picture of your receipts, electronically “file” them and then you will have access to all of that information when year-end rolls around, all without the clutter! Make sure you keep the receipts you need for tax purposes.
  5. Outsource your bookkeeping and bill paying tasks. Chances are you have more important things to do (like growing your business or spending time with your family) than to spend your precious time paying bills. This is especially if you’re a busy business professional who travels a lot.

What can you do to get your financial house in order?

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