Give Your Brain a Break!

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Are you one of those hard-working people who are dedicated to being super productive? You get to work early, grab a sandwich to eat at your desk at lunchtime, and work non-stop till the end of the day.  If that describes you, you might not be as productive as you could be.

Our brains need periods of rest from their labors in order to stay sharp. Try doing something like this every 2-3 hours.

  • Brew a cup of tea or pour a cup of coffee and drink it while looking out the window.
  • Go to lunch with a friend or take a salad or sandwich to the patio.
  • Walk around the block and enjoy the fresh air.

When you get back to your desk your brain will dive back into work with new vigor and clarity. You’ll actually be more productive than just plowing through the day non-stop. Try it!

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