With Labor Day just past I look at this time of year as the wrapping up of summer but the ramping up of the rest of the year! Every day is a great day to plan for the future and that brings to mind ways to set goals to make certain that projects reach completion.

In my virtual accounting business I am always in the midst of projects as is my virtual accounting staff. There are five steps I always take to make certain that a project I’ve decided to work on makes its way to a satisfying conclusion.

  • Set a goal. Sounds simple but without a clear goal you will simply meander.
  • Make certain your goals can be visualized. Can you truly see what it will be like once the project’s complete?
  • Be “in the present” with your goal. Rather than phrasing your goals with: “I want to…” use phrases such as “I will” when setting goals. “I will complete Project A by September 30.”
  • Write the goal down. Whether it’s a deadline-driven goal or a hope for the future (I will go to Paris when I retire, for example). A goal that’s committed to paper is more likely to be seen through to completion.
  • Focus on the benefits of completing your goal. “If I clean out the garage I’ll be able to park my car inside,” or “If I get all my paperwork in order, I won’t be late with meeting the deadline my accountant has set for me.”

I challenge you to write your projects down, write your to-do’s for each, set a deadline, and make them happen!

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