How Do You KISS?

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It’s December and I’m not talking about under the mistletoe. KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simply Simple. (Okay, I cleaned it up a little.)Picture1  2013 has less than four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas so the usual holiday craziness is compacted into less time. How do you get everything done? The answer is simple!  Apply the principles you should be using in your business: prioritize, delegate and systematize!

Here’s how:

  • Prioritize to establish what absolutely has to happen and schedule it first. If everything doesn’t get done this year you may be the only one who knows it.
  • Delegate what you don’t have to do personally – addressing cards, grocery shopping, picking up gifts and dry cleaning, etc. That’s what personal assistants love to do.
  • Systematize tasks so they are done the same way every time. My daughter and son-in-law love to entertain and they have it down to a science. A system is a great way to ensure good results and to eliminate stress.

The most important thing about this season isn’t the gifts and the activities; it’s the real reason for the season and people in our lives. This is the time to share your love. So put some hugs with those kisses and have a blessed holiday season!

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  1. Thanks Carolyn,
    I really needed this right now! Very clever subject title and love the mistletoe “link”. Thank you for ALL your tips–always seems like you’re doing them just for me!

    • Sue, thanks for your comment. I have found that subject lines are so important. It is just said Weekly Biz-Tip it wouldn’t get near the “open rate” that a catchy subject line gets. Thanks for clicking through to our website, too. I so enjoy doing the Biz-Tips. One of my fans actually prints them off each week and puts them in a binder! Best always, Carolyn


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