How Do You Share?

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I’m not talking about how you share your chocolate or loan out your golf clubs, but something much more important. How do you share your personal, private, confidential information? It’s tax season and we’re all sending information to our CPA that if it fell into the wrong hands could result in identity theft. So how do you share that data?

At The Accountant’s Office LLC we use to safely transfer private data to and from our clients. It’s one of the safest, encrypted portals that are available. With it we can see when we uploaded files, when clients downloaded them, and we receive emails when a client uploads something for us. There’s a fee for this service, of course, but we think our clients are worth it! Because we take security of data very seriously to us it is a wise investment and it’s proof to our clients that we are watching their back.

Be aware that it is a violation of federal law to email unprotected private, confidential information. At least password-protect your documents.

Be safe; share responsibly!

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