Whether you’re a new business owner or a long-time entrepreneur, chances are you will need to market yourself and your business in order to gain clients and, frankly, stay in business.

networkingHow or where, do you even get started? Try these:

  1. Word of mouth
  2. Local newspapers
  3. Adwords or Facebook ads
  4. Social media (Twitter and LinkedIn are our fastest growing social media venues)
  5. Blogging (your own or other peoples)
  6. An e-newsletter of tips (like our Biz-Tips)
  7. Networking
  8. Professional associations
  9. Sponsoring organizations or events
  10. A website
  11. Radio advertising
  12. Television advertising or interviews

Just as there are myriad business models there are just as many ways to reach your ideal client. “Ideal” being the operative word. Who is your ideal client? Where do they congregate? If you don’t know whether they’re listening to the radio, interacting on LinkedIn or Facebook or if they even read the newspaper you will be spinning your wheels and wasting both time and money if you don’t know what your marketing approach should be.

Action items for your marketing plan could include:

  • Determining where your ideal client gathers
  • Defining your core marketing message so it sends the same message across all your platforms
  • Making certain all your promotional materials (business card, website, etc.) reflect who you are

What has been your most successful way to spread the word about your business? Tell us what works for you!

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