As the owner of a virtual accounting office I rely on repeat customer business. When we bring a new client into our accounting family, Picture2we intend for that to be a long-term relationship and we almost always succeed in that endeavor. How? By providing exceptional customer service.

Whether a client works with me directly, our accounting manager, administrative assistant, or with one of our virtual accountants, there are practices and procedures in place – both ethical and systematized – that make the customer experience a pleasant and satisfying one. These practices also ensure that if one of our clients begins working with a different accounting associate or team member they are treated the same across the board.

What do you to ensure that your customers are always being treated in an exceptional manner? Here are my tips:

  • Your employees need to understand that customers are the lifeblood of your organization; without them, they would not have a job. I believe in top down leadership in the fact that if I treat my employees well, they will in turn, treat the customers well.
  • Whether you have a brick and mortar business or a virtual company, like mine, greet the customer with a smile. Yes, even on the phone! A smile carries over the phone lines to the person you’re speaking with. Try it. You’ll be surprised!
  • Go the extra mile. If you promise your clients A, B and C, add in D if possible. Under promise and over deliver and you will delight your customers every time!

What can you to do make certain that you and your staff always provide exceptional customer service so you can keep your customers coming back for more?

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