How Safe Are You?

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What would happen to your business (and your stress level!) if you lost all the data on your computer? It happened last month to one of our clients who chose to keep all their data on their laptop and have us access it remotely. They backed it up, but left the flash drive in the laptop case. When the case went missing, everything was lost! Fortunately we had sent their QuickBooks file to their CPA in April, so we just had to recreate a few months. But think of what else was on that laptop that needed saving besides the accounting file.

The internet has changed forever so many of the ways that we do business! One of those things is the way that we back-up computers. Years ago “off-site back-up” meant running a tape drive at the end of the day, putting it in your briefcase, and going home. Today there are many cloud-based options available. Check them out if you’re unprotected. Once you’ve backed up, be sure to test a restoration of data to be sure it really works. It’s worth the time and effort to safeguard your vital information.

There are enough challenges in business without losing data. Be safe!

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  1. Thanks for the article, but you forgot 1 very important element, Power. I provide back-up power for the computers, one computer or hundreds, without power, you can’t save anything and the threat of losing data is greater than people realize. A UPS, (uninterruptable power supply),system also provides clean power to the computers power supply, so it doesn’t work as hard and will last longer. Remember to back-up the power too!

  2. The one time my office had the loss of computers the thieves left the external hard drive which had backed up the entire system a few hours earlier so the only info that needed to be entered was some evening remote access work that had been done. We were fortunate. Since then we have the server in a room that is not very accessible and will never be without an external back up system. We even copy significant files to a drive that can leave the building now, which we did before the incident but less often then since.

    Robert Lukey EA CPA


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