As a serial entrepreneur I understand the thrill of undertaking a new venture. I also understand the risks involved. If, however, you have the entrepreneurial spirit, nothing will stop you from reaching for the goal of business ownership!

Are there steps you can take to jump-start your endeavor? Are there plans you can put into place to nurture it toward growth and profitability? As a virtual accountant, I always have my eye on the bottom line! That’s your key to success and sustainability.

Here is some advice to help take your entrepreneurial endeavor down the road toward success:

  • Remember, growing a business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. There will be times you are tired of working long hours, but keep your eye on the prize.
  • Baby steps will get you there, just not as fast as giant leaps. Do what you can with the time, energy and resources you have.
  • Your goal is to turn a profit so make certain you don’t underprice your products or services. Gauge the market and the going rate; charge accordingly.
  • It may be tempting to take on any and all projects. Wisdom would tell you not to accept any deal that doesn’t fit with your business’s vision and mission statement. Never take a deal that is ethically wrong.
  • Have a financial cushion to get you through the start-up times. Mentally plan for most deals to take longer to close and cost more to implement than you originally planned.
  • Persist and persevere. Successful business owners never give up! And it’s so worth it!!

What can you do today to move your business forward?

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