In a recent research study 70% of participants rated themselves as being above average in their abilities to multi-task. That is statistically impossible!

Multi-tasking or trying to do two or more things at once is often our method of trying to get more done in the same amount of time. But do you really accomplish that? Does the quality of your work suffer?

Researchers have found you actually get more done if you complete one task before starting the next. Still the allure to multi-task is strong! Instead of multi-tasking, try focusing on the task at hand until it’s done and then proceeding to the next task. Of course it helps to have a plan so you know what that next task is.

If your brain is “fried” at the end of the day or even the end of the morning, I’ll bet you’ve been trying to multi-task. Give your brain a rest and focus instead. You’ll find your productivity and your energy both rise.

Instead of asking prospective employees how well they multi-task, we should ask how well they focus.

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