Haven’t we met before? I think so, but I just can’t place you. As an entrepreneur you never want to hear someone say that. When you meet fellow business owners at networking events you don’t want to leave doubt in a potential clients’ mind as to who you are and what you do.

Have you ever worried that you might be leaving money on the table if you’re not continually “in front of” potential clients when you’re not in the room with them? Anyone who networks understands the issue of coming back to the office with a stack of business cards and wondering, “What exactly did she say she did?” How can you be more visible in the minds of potential clients?

Follow through is everything! Put those business cards to use and keep in touch. Have a system in place to make sure that happens.

Here’s what I do:

  • Make notes on the business card at the event if there’s something I want to remember about them.
  • Bend a corner on the card if I’m supposed to follow through with an action. Note what I promised to do on the card. As a virtual accountant who has built her business on trust, I always want to keep my promises!
  • Give the business cards to my assistant to enter the contact’s information in ACT (our contact management system) and note when and where I met them. If someone introduced us or if I’m supposed to follow up in some way, that is noted, and an appropriate alarm is set for me.
  • Have my assistant enter the contact’s information in Constant Contact (our email marketing provider).
  • Send a short, branded message to remind them when we met and promise to keep in touch.
  • Follow up every week with something of value to them. We send our weekly Biz-Tips designed to help them be more effective in their business.
  • Have a social media presence.  Our social media page locations are on our business cards right along with our website and phone number.
  • Word of mouth is the best advertising a business can provide. One way to get this is to have a network of referral partners that are willing to help spread the word about you and your business. We are blessed to have some fantastic referral partners!

What do you do to make certain you and your company are visible?

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