Years ago I was working with the CPA of one of my clients; getting everything that he needed for income tax preparation to him. The tax return came in and I nearly choked when I saw the taxes due! My client had a special situation happen during the year, but still…! So I called my father, who had retired as managing partner of a Big 4 CPA firm, and told him that it wasn’t fair. Dad, in all his wisdom, said “Taxes are often not fair!” But he also said that he would “have The Firm research it.” A few days later he called and suggested that I ask the CPA to treat it as IRS Section blah, blah, blah. When I called the CPA, he said “Hmmm” and started pounding on his adding machine (yes, it was that long ago!) Finally he said that we could treat it that way and it would save the client $17,000. The happy client said “Let’s do that!”

So, if you don’t like the first answer, ask a different question!

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